What we do

Sardiniameeting aims to provide customers with innovative services focused on the achievement of the highest quality levels with a special emphasis on sustainable development principles.

We pursue, indeed, an organizational model that, based on the analysis of environmental and ethical-social elements and the activities to involve all the stakeholdeers (participants, suppliers, exhibitors, sponsors and promoters, public and private bodies etc.), allows us to design and make Sustainable Events. Thus we reduce the environmental impact, giving priority to local and ecological products and services, with positive economic and social impacts on the involved territories.

We have twenty years of experience in planning and organizing any kind of group event, in order to provide customers with our organizational consulting in a wide range of integrated services.

Every logistical and organizational aspect, in the planning and implementation phases, is taken care of to the last detail. We support customers with a constant technical and professional consulting and through a careful suppliers selection and the general coordination of the event, we enhance the team building efficiency.

Our company mission is rooted in the founding values of Mother Earth, that are characterized by the sacredness of the guest, the importance of hospitality and the efficiency of teamwork. On this basis we have built our professionalism, becoming a Professional Conference Organizer working, by choice, exclusively in Sardinia, combining ethics and values with technical skills, technological innovation, international certifications, reaching a leading role in our sector.

We value the importance of encounters and culture seen as a knowledge exchange, as a leverage function to promote a knowledge-based society, able to enhance talents and widespread skills. As ECM Provider, we support individual vocational training and scientific dissemination as an engine for the growth and development of society.